"PRO'S PICK-XLQ balls are exceptional because they last twice as long as other major brands of Pickleballs that I've played with and are ready to play right out of the package. They are also much quieter than other balls. I really like how the PRO'S PICK-XLQ balls perform regarding bounce, spin, dink, feel, control and accuracy. They are fantastic balls for both outdoor and indoor play!"

Rocky Clark -Portland, Maine
Playing  since 2010

"I have a private home-made Pickleball court nestled in the woods near North Conway, N.H. Our first Fall we discovered that in October the Duraballs started breaking on us at an unnatural clip. Those balls that didn't were sometimes so out of round they weren't worth playing with. So we switched to an outdoor Onix ball.  A very different game. But it kept us on the court until the snowfall. This August a friend brought us two of Corky Newcomb's new PRO'S PICK-XLQ  balls to try out. She said the balls are more durable and are quieter than other balls.

When we started playing with the PROS' PICK-XLQ balls I had an experience I hadn't expected. Right off the bat, I really liked them for the way they played. First off, it wasn't like I was playing a different game. The difference between the Onix and the Duras is pretty marked. Switching between them takes an adjustment. The Duras are harder than the Onix. The Pros like them because they play faster, but that same feature makes them harder to control. The Onix are softer, lighter and fly slower.

The PROS' PICK-XLQ balls took very little adjustment, because on various spectra they play right in between what the Dura and the Onix offer. The PROS' PICK balls actually correct some of the foibles of each. Where the Onix can be frustrating because they are too light or soft to smash by people,  the PROS' PICK-XLQ balls fly nicely off the paddle. Where the Duras almost require you to tell people where you are dinking the ball because they don't trampoline off the paddle, the PRO'S PICK balls are responsive to a light touch, which makes for better deception. These balls feel and perform superior which probably makes for the most important feature of the ball: They bounce "true" and come off the court surface the way you expect them to, no matter what the pace or spin. I believe in these PROS' PICK-XLQ balls' performance and we haven't even considered switching back to the other brands of balls. So I ordered 100 of them. But don't believe me. Try them for yourself because seeing is believing!"

Robert Drake - North Conway, N.H. 


"LITE4NITE Pickleballs were perfect for an evening Halloween pickleball social gathering! A great way to extend the outdoor pickleball season!"
C. Carmichael - York Maine Pickleball Club

"We had a fun night of Spooky Glowball to kick off the Halloween season. Dressed in Halloween costumes, we used the LITE4NITE Pickleballs and played late into the night. Although LITE4NITE Pickleballs can be used anytime of year, it was FUN to try them out for the first time during our Halloween event. A must try!"
Kate Ford - York Maine Pickleball Club