The Fun Doesn't Stop at Sundown

As the inventor of the LITE4NITE illuminated balls, New Hampshire’s Corky Newcomb has been brightening the lives of athletes for more than 40 years. Now, he’s found an ingenious way to illuminate pickleballs so that players can enjoy their favorite sport in the hours they spend just thinking about it.

“Pickleball in the daytime is great, but at night, it’s a whole new ballgame,” Newcomb said. “I’ve just completed the third prototype after working alongside 5.0 players and professionals. Kyle Yates has tested it and likes it. Official production started in March and we should have them available on our website, in tennis clubs, pro shops and then in national retailers like Dick’s S.G. and Academy Sports.”

Newcomb points toward his success with illuminated golf balls as a template for the new LITE4NITE pickleballs and how they can  revolutionize the game.

“Every sport I’ve ever illuminated, people get excited about,” he said. “When I invented the first NITELITE golf balls, it was the golfers who took the concept and elevated it beyond my wildest imagination. They came up with tournaments in the dark, 9-Dine & 9’s, where they tee off at 2 p.m., play 9 holes, have a BBQ, and tee off again at 8 p.m. for 9 holes after dark. Thousands of night golf tournaments have raised millions for cancer, heart, vision and other charities, hospitals and civic organizations.” LITE4NITE pickleball tournaments are also great fundraisers. The players, lines and nets are all illuminated.

The illuminated pickleballs also give players another healthy benefit–they naturally eliminate exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun and allow play in a cooler temperature. LITE4NITE pickleballs are very durable–players have never broken any of the LITE4NITES during testing.

For more information on the LITE4NITE line of illuminated sports products, go to and “See the