Our new Official size and weight PROS' PICK-XLQ Pickleballs were developed after extensive R & D testing by several 5.0 players including a U.S. National Pickleball Champion and Ambassadors. Our goal was to make a far LONGER lasting and a lot more QUIET Pickleball.

Many players we talked with said they were not happy with other Pickleballs that break easily and the irritating, noisy, loud sounds that the balls make when hit. Ball noise is a big problem in many communities where people are living adjacent to the courts. Waking up at sunrise to the sounds of Pickleballs is something that the neighbors HATE hearing!!

Our new PROS' PICK-XLQ Pickleballs with 40 round holes conform to the USAPA specifications including size, weight, bounce and hardness.  Having a Pickleball that conforms to all these specs is great but if the balls you buy break easily and/or make loud, irritating sounds, you and your neighbors won't be happy with your Pickleballs. One of our Pickleball testers who is an Ambassador said that he can play with our PROS' PICK-XLQ Pickleballs at least twice as long as with other well known brands of balls. He also said that our PRO balls "are ready to play right out of the package unlike other brands of balls that need to be played with for a while so that they perform correctly."

We are so confident that you will love our new PROS' PICK-XLQ Pickleballs that we offer a 14 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you do not like how our new Pickleballs perform with consistent control and accuracy, you can return them and we will refund the price you paid for the balls minus shipping costs.

Only our LITE4NITE Pickleballs LIGHT up for NITE time FUN. Our PROS' PICK-XLQ balls do NOT light up.