LIte4Nite Pickleball Players

See the LITE, Paddle a LITE4NITE Tonight –
It’s a whole new ball game 24/7!


Tested by 4.0 and 5.0 players who say:

“LITE4NITES are a ton of fun”
“looks like bright shooting stars”
“very durable – feel, play, and sound good”

U.S. and foreign patents pending

The Fun Doesn't Stop at Sundown

As the inventor of the LITE4NITE illuminated balls, New Hampshire’s Corky Newcomb has been brightening the lives of athletes for more than 40 years. Now, he’s found an ingenious way to illuminate pickleballs so that players can enjoy their favorite sport in the hours they spend just
thinking about it.

“Pickleball in the daytime is great, but at night, it’s a whole new ballgame,” Newcomb said. “I’ve just completed the third prototype after working alongside 5.0 players and professionals. Kyle Yates has tested it and likes it. more...

  • LITE4NITE Pickleballs light up for night time fun which lasts all night long
  • Makes all other pickleballs obsolete at sunset
  • Perfect for pickleball tournaments which are a fantastic FUN-raisers$ for charities, hospitals, schools, and civic groups
  • Players, nets, and lines are all illuminated
  • Distributors wanted
  • Made by the same company that invented the first lighted LITE4NITE golfball, football, Wiffle Ball, tennis ball, and hockey puck
LITE4NITE Golf and Sports has been making innovative and FUN-tastic sports products for over 40 years.